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Now you don't have to get ink on your body to get a tattoo, get it on your ride instead! Go tribal or gothic with tattoo truck rear window graphics as well as themed truck rear window graphics. We have a wide selection of tattoo and themed designs from artists such as Ed Lee, Brainstorm Studios, Vincent Hie and Scott Fisk. Show off your favorite tattoo design on the back of your ride now with rear window graphics from Clearvue! Click on the designs below to see a larger image of the graphic.
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Temptress  WC409016-1
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Celtic Storm  WC409017-1
Celtic Storm
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Love Birds  WC409018-1
Love Birds
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Angel  WC409019-1
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Dark Dragon  WC409020-1
Dark Dragon
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44 Skulls  WC409022-1
44 Skulls
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Alien  WC409024-1
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Arisen Zombie  WC409027-1
Arisen Zombie
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Blazen Skulls  WC409029-1
Blazen Skulls
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Bombs Away  WC409032-1
Bombs Away
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Bulldog  WC409033-1
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Bulldog 2  WC409034-1
Bulldog 2
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Day of the Dead Skull  WC409036-1
Day of the Dead Skull
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Dragon Ball  WC409037-1
Dragon Ball
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Dragon Skull Celtic  WC409039-1
Dragon Skull Celtic
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